Read all about the fantastic journey to launch the new beautiful Mesmerising Muslins

December 12, 2019

To get Meslin off the ground has been years of behind the scenes work. Launching any product but particularly a baby product is by no means an easy task! We wanted to ensure it was absolutely perfect before we launched, from material testing to finding the most suitable printing techniques through to having a few samples and road testing them with my own babies including little Safanna below, my youngest:

The verdict?...My children loved them, which means I do too. I have washed them repeatedly and see how they only get softer with use, with no fade and how they even sustain teething from this little one too.....

The thing I have loved most about this journey so far is the learning behind it. I have spent so long researching eye sight development and the best patterns to aid cognitive development in babies as for me it's about a product being useful aswell as beautiful and practical. I have loved learning about the various stages of sight development, especially when they can recognize your face and I will be sharing more in my blog and on Instagram on that fantastic learning journey and things you can do as a parent to help them develop.

I have especially enjoyed building relationships with eye specialists and charities and will share more as we go!

Thank you for being part of this journey with us and we LOVE to see pictures of babies enjoying our Mesmerising Muslinsᵀᴹ so please do share them with us on Instagram @meslinmuslin xx