about us

Meslin is a family brand and born from an idea of mine.

I’m a passionate father who wanted to give my baby the best start in the world, as we all do.  When our first son came along, my wife and I started researching the development stages of new-borns to make sure he had all the right things around him to help his development.

From our research, we were drawn to one of the early stages of development relating to vision. Babies are born near-sighted and are only able to focus on objects that appear within 20-30cm of their faces.  Within the first 14 days they can only see in black and white but are able to identify the contrast between them. 

We set about creating naturally contrasting designs that would catch his attention to promote his visual and cognitive development. Loving nature, we thought animal patterns would be great and could add an educational dimension.

We combined the patterns with an everyday baby essential that Harri could not only see but feel.  He was fascinated by the patterns, whether he was wrapped in them, being wiped down by them or when one was draped over his buggy.

Meslin’s mesmerising muslins™ are designed to promote visual perception and cognitive development through fascinating and intriguing patterns.

They are designed to be seen.